World Of Fundraising Pain


When organizations come to us for grant support they are usually in pain. Are any of these YOU?

  1. You need to submit MORE proposals! Your team is so busy, you know that you’re leaving money on the table but you’re already busy doing all of the other fundraising work. You need someone to write and submit proposals more regularly and stay on schedule!
  2. You always writing grants last minute…You need to slow down and submit higher quality proposals! You don’t have a foundation, governmental, or corporate fundraising plan. You respond to RFP’s as they come out and it’s always a rush job. Your team members aren’t professional writers. You don’t feel fully confident you’re submitting at the level that will attract the most funding.
  3. You need to identify and build relationships with NEW funders! Your team has a list of existing funders, but you need to expand your reach. You need help finding new funders to support your growth.
  4. You need to get a grants program started! In the past you have received funding from other sources: program revenue, government contracts, or a former parent organization. You need to build a grants program from the ground up.

Sound familiar? Here are some of the benefits to hiring a firm like ours to grow and manage your grants program.

1. Built-in comprehensive research and prospecting using wealth identification platforms
2. External facing point of view (lack of jargon or insider perspective)
3. Sophisticated writing and grant management expertise
4. A sole focus on grant writing (as opposed to multi-tasking development employees)

Having a dedicated grant writing team means that high quality proposals are submitted in a timely manner and your development team is free focus on fundraising from individual and major donors, creating legacy gift programs, planning virtual events, and more.

Is this is your year to get your grants program started or take it to the next level, we’d love to hear from you!


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