Cosmic Reshuffle

When organizations come to us for grant writing support, they are usually in pain. One of the most common sources is the pain of CHANGE! We are witnessing many community organizations experiencing staffing changes. Executives are leaving their posts to recharge. Development professionals are swapping hats to take on fresh fundraising challenges. Grant makers continue to create new funds and evolve their guidelines and cycles. Change doesn’t have to be destabilizing to fundraising.

How is your organization faring? Does one of these sound like you?

  1. You have a new Executive Director. Your programs continue to serve the community and the leadership is changing. You don’t want existing funders to assume that your fundraising will be on hold until positions are filled. You need a communication plan for your funder network. You need to keep the grant momentum while crafting a vision for revenue growth.
  2. Your Development Director just left. You know that you’re leaving money on the table but with open positions the fundraising work is split among staff who already have full plates. You don’t know exactly what’s falling through the cracks, but you know you’re missing opportunities. You need someone to write and submit proposals regularly and stay on schedule!
  3. Your board has recently approved first-time money for fundraising. Your team is scrappy and tenacious. You have received some funding and started new programming, but now administration and program duties have overtaken staff time. The board has approved adding a dedicated fundraiser to your team, but you don’t have the funds to hire a full-timer yet. You want to get started submitting grants so that your revenue will expand enough to grow your staffing.
Sound familiar? Here are three benefits to hiring a firm like ours to grow and manage through the change.

1. Built-in comprehensive grant-maker research and funder prospecting 
3. Sophisticated writing and grant management expertise
4. A sole focus on grant writing 

If your organization is transforming and you want to ensure that your grant program doesn’t suffer, we’d love to hear from you.

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