Up Front Investments

One of the first things I ask nonprofit leaders when we meet is: Do you have money allocated for fundraising? Designating funds is often the first step.

In planting a garden, we invest time and energy. We invest in seeds, fertilizer, and a drip system. Without these investments, we can’t expect to harvest a garden salad in the summer.

Investing in essentials is key. We might not need a $100 garden hat to accomplish our freshly harvested salad goals, but we do need seeds, soil, and time to tend to our seedlings.

Similarly, fundraising dollars for your organization are essential. When you and your board allocate money for smart fundraising, you are investing in increasing revenue. What is smart? Fundraising that’s proven to be effective.

The organizations that I see struggle the most are those who cannot see how an investment in fundraising will yield dividends in the futureThey want to invest the minimum and harvest the maximum. But rarely does sustained growth happen that way.

I’ve been asking myself: Where am I hesitant to invest, and yet want to see growth? How about you?

Happy fundraising!


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