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Power in WE

This weekend I opened my inbox to an email I dreaded receiving. There is a COVID positive case in the student body at my daughter’s school, Escuela Del Sol. Because of the shared agreements in the community, the family quarantined immediately when they learned of exposure. The child tested positive at home and had not exposed anyone at school. One family’s choice to quarantine means that the school can safely remain open, and 70 children and their families can stay connected to a lifeline service.

I breathed a sigh of relief and forwarded the news to my family. School stays open. The positive child is asymptomatic. Being a part of this admittedly privileged educational community continues to shift my perspective. Every day before school I fill out an electronic form and answer a list of questions: Symptoms? Temp? Out of state travel? Out of state visitors? I certify it with my signature. Mandating a daily affidavit was a brilliant idea.

In early COVID days, I focused on the fragility of our family ecosystem and the delicate balance of our household. I worried about how isolation would impact my child, our family, and the business.

In this latest surge I’m focusing on the power of community agreements and how they are foundational to keeping each other safe and connected. 

As COVID devastates our communities, bringing increasing deaths, joblessness and homelessness, I struggle to see what possible good could come of this time. I’m finding the pandemic forces me to consider others more deeply and to tailor my decisions with the community in mind. I can see how being an independent woman, born and raised in America, I often struggle to put “we” before “I”. But I’m learning. COVID is teaching me.

This morning I’m feeling a surge of gratitude for: the vigilance of the family that took precautions to protect the school community, childcare which allows me to show up for my incredible clients, and consistent connection for my daughter in our isolated world.

What are you grateful for? Drop me a line. I’d love to hear. ‘Tis the season after all.

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